Double Chin

Double Chin Treatments in Blue Springs Missouri

Contour & Shape Your Chin For a Younger Appearance

When you look in the mirror, are you unhappy with the appearance of sagging skin under your chin? This is most commonly known as a double chin. While most people think a double chin is the result of weight gain, that isn’t always the case. Ravello Med Spa offers a double chin treatment.

Causes of a Double Chin

Other than weight gain, a double chin can be the result of age, genetics, and posture. The skin can start to lose its elasticity as the body ages, which can lead to the appearance of extra or saggy skin.

A family history of poor skin elasticity and/or poor posture can lead to the appearance of a double chin.

Treatment Options


Kybella™ is an injection treatment available to improve the appearance of a double chin.

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